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Impresario Partners International expands onto three continents and closes a roster of new client wins.


PRESS RELEASE August 11th 2022

Having opened offices in London and Santiago, Impresario Partners International has appointed Csaba Csenyi and Arturo Duran to lead the respective businesses. London will serve the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) markets, and Santiago will serve the Latin American geographic needs. The Canadian business (Head Quartered in Vancouver, BC) was launched five years ago, not based on “Build it, and they will come,” but on a go-to-market strategy following client engagements.

Resulting from strategic growth, Impresario Partners International is excited to announce its shareholder participation and corporate stewardship of Ventree Innovations and Priceless Farms in Uganda, Africa. Priceless Farms has been cultivating the Miracle Tree for seven years and harvesting Moringa for Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals markets Globally.

Aaron Elton, Founding Farmer of Priceless Farms, said, “The scope of capabilities and resources Impresario has added to our business is incalculable in worth. Filling gaps in the C-Suite; raising seed capital; building sales and marketing strategies; their support and financial stewardship leading to a significant capital raise has been truly amazing”.

“Opportunities exist in the United Kingdom, Hungary, and Chile, serving vertical markets where IOT meets Energy and Natural Resources,” said Nicholas Jeffery, Founding and Managing Partner.

“The four pillars of INSIGHT, INNOVATION, INFLUENCE & INVESTMENT resonate with clients. We are finding that prospects are coming to us because we have INSIGHT and inevitably transitioning to INVESTMENT where Impresario is preparing the client for an event, such as M&A, Raise or Public offering”.

About Impresario Partners International


Impresario Partners International is a global consulting business providing commercial and financial solutions driving business turnaround and growth, where IOT and Web3 meet specific vertical markets.

The targeted markets where Impresario Partners International has global INSIGHT and INFLUENCE, and a portfolio of successful outcomes Include Financial Services, the Built Environment, Transport and Logistics, Telecoms, Media & Technology, and Natural Resources.

Impresario Partners International is founded on four pillars of expertise:

  • INSIGHT: Companies retain Impresario Partners International, because we have a deep understanding of the product, market, or geography that they are in or wish to expand into, and we have tools to provide Commercial SocioEconomic, Financial and Geographic Insights to keep the finger on the market pulse.
  • INNOVATION: Impresario Partners participates in the design, build, and deployment of new product development financial constructs, product and service delivery innovation, and geographic expansion.
  • INFLUENCE: We create a sphere of Influence for our client companies or individuals in all the media and geographies they wish to dominate.
  • INVESTMENT: Preparation for a public or private event, M&A, divestment, or onboarding of capital via Impresario Partners International’s office in London, the partnership has access to crowdfunding platforms, high-net-worth individuals, private equity, International Financial Institutions, and family funds.

For more information contact:

Nicholas Jeffery, Founding and Managing Partner

+44 204 5254 170 (UK) OR +36 20 426 3179 (Hungary)

Vancouver . Santiago . London . Budapest