The circle


Companies retain Impresario Partners because we have a deep understanding of the
product, market, or geography.


Impresario Partners gets involved in designing, building and deploying financial, product, and
service delivery innovation.


We create a sphere of Influence for our client companies or individuals
in all the media they wish to dominate.


Preparation for a public or private market event, onboarding of capital or

Geographic Regions

United States

Vancouver Office (Canada & US)

Santiago Office (Latin America)

Budapest Office (CEE & EMEA)


London Office (UK & Europe)

The name

An impresario
(From the Italian impresa, “an enterprise or undertaking”)
An impresario is a person who organizes and often finances events, originally in the arts. The term “impresario” was used by the Spanish, and then English-speaking settlers of the Pacific Northwest to describe, “one who brought a new community into being and managed affairs to ensure its prosperity.”

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Vancouver, Santiago, London, Budapest

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